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1. The principle of welding parts, avoid setting welds at geometric mutations, where the stress is concentrated, if it cannot be avoided, set the transition structure.


2. The thickness of the two sides of the weld connection is inconsistent, and the continuity of the geometric shape cannot be guaranteed, so the transition structure is set.


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3. The trend of simple tube is a sudden curvature area, stress concentration, should be far away, such as the right end.


4. The root of the weld is preferentially compressed. The root of the weld is preferentially compressed, and the root of the weld is cracked, which is prone to notches and can withstand tensile load.


5. The riveted structure usually uses the lap joint form of the liner, which has many welds, wastes materials, high cost, and causes the force flow to turn, which improves the stress level at the weld.

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