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The shape of Investment Casting Parts is generally more complicated. The minimum diameter of the holes that can be cast on the castings can reach 0.5 mm, and the minimum wall thickness of the castings is 0.3 mm. In production, some parts that were originally composed of several parts can be combined. By changing the structure of the parts, they can be designed as integral parts and directly cast by investment casting, to save processing man-hours and consumption of metal materials, and make the part structure more Than reasonable.


The weight of Investment Casting Parts is mostly dozens of cattle (from a few grams to ten kilograms, generally not more than 25 kg). It is more troublesome to produce too heavy castings by investment casting.


KEFENG CASTING Investment Casting Parts


The investment casting process is more complicated and difficult to control, and the materials used and consumed are more expensive. Therefore, it is suitable for the production of small parts with complex shapes, high-precision requirements, or difficult other processing, such as turbine engine blades.

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